Don’t Breed A Bully

Don’t Breed A Bully Program Information

The Animal Shelter of Sullivan County recognizes a large volume of these breeds are being surrendered to the shelter and we want to help!

Our “Don’t Breed A Bully” program is a discounted spay/neuter program to help these specific breeds to get altered.

The cost of the “Don’t Breed A Bully” spay/neuter program is $50 per animal. This includes a rabies vaccine if the animal is not current with its rabies vaccine.

Registration Information

  1. Any animal over the age of 3 months must show proof of rabies vaccination or a 1-year rabies vaccination will be administered to the animal during the spay/neuter surgery.
  1. We have additional vaccinations, services and testing available for an additional fee.
  1. Spay/neuter appointments are booked on a first come, first served basis and are available to be booked up to 1 month in advance.
  1. Full payment for services rendered is due at the time of booking. If you need financial assistance, please contact the shelter directly to discuss registration at (423) 279-2741, option 5 OR Via email  If you are flagged as a “No Show” your payment will be forfeited.
  1. The Animal Shelter of Sullivan County clinic asks that you line up for check in, keeping dogs six feet apart. All cats are to be in carriers, all dogs must be on leashes. All community/feral cats must be in traps. Traps and carriers are available for rental if needed. Label all traps and carriers with your name/animal’s name and line the carriers/traps with a disposable pad, newspaper, towel, etc. Limit to one animal per carrier.
  1. All animals will receive a small tattoo indicating their spayed/neutered status.

We are open to residents in all surrounding counties, you do not have to reside in Sullivan County to register for our spay/neuter services with exception of community cat program as that is specific to Sullivan County.

Surgical Requirements:

  1. Minimum age 12 weeks of age and minimum weight of 3 pounds.
  2. Proof of rabies vaccination is required – animals without proof of rabies vaccination will be given the vaccine (rabies vaccines are included in the price of the spay/neuter.
  3. For our mature patients, at the discretion of the veterinarian, bloodwork will be completed prior to anesthesia or surgery. This testing will check liver and kidney function along with protein levels, blood sugar, and red and white blood cell counts. Occasionally we may have to postpone surgery until a medical condition is resolved.
  4. All animals must have food withheld after midnight the night prior to surgery. Your pet may have water.

We will not perform surgery on: 

1. Brachycephalic animals – bulldogs, frenchies, pugs or other “short-nosed” animals