Essential Service Animal Control Intervention and Intake Parameters:

1. Is the animal sick or injured?
2. Did the animal bite or attack anyone breaking the skin?
3. Is the animal heavily pregnant or have babies nursing?
4. Is the animal in danger, suspect cruelty or neglect, or abandoned?
5. Is the animal acting aggressively to people or pets?


1. ALL intake must go through animal control NO EXCEPTIONS!
2. Intake will be triaged focusing on emergency (Sick/ Injured), cruelty/ neglect, and officer assistance or bite calls. Please note all bite cases MUST be reported to law enforcement or to medical personnel and they must initiate a bite report thus dispatching animal control.
3. Please note that a simple running at large or stray is NOT an emergency. Please do not tie up dispatch for emergency services or at the shelter for these cases. Please utilize social media to locate the animals family or contact a local vet to scan for a microchip. Our resources are limited right now and we must focus on emergent cases.
4. There are NO owner surrenders directly to the shelter at this time. Please look for our upcoming PASS (Positive Alternative to Shelter Surrender) program for assistance.  Please note individuals making false reports to surrender their personal animal under false pretense will be turned over to proper authorities. Every single intake case will be thoroughly investigated.
5. Hospitalization/ Medically documented: Please note we will make every effort to locate a family member to take care of animals in the event someone is hospitalized. If animals need to be removed due to caregiver being hospitalized please notify law enforcement to initiate an animal control dispatch.

6. Civil matters with owned animals are not within essential services intake parameters.