All animals processed through the Animal Shelter receive vaccines, flea treatment, deworming, and a microchip. All animals are spayed or neutered before leaving the shelter with few exceptions due to health or age. These animals are sent only unaltered to animal rescue groups. All dogs are now receiving 4DX testing, Fecal and Giardia testing on intake. ASoSC is the only shelter in the area performing blood work on intake on dogs. The 4DX test monitors for Heartworm and 3 tick-borne diseases including Lyme, Ehrlichia canis, Ehrlichia ewingi, Anaplasma phagocytophilum, and Anaplasma platys. This allow the animal to be treated for any medical issues identified in a timely manner. With the use of this test, shelter staff have discovered quite a few Lyme positive dogs that were able to receive treatment timely. If dogs are Heartworm negative, they are started on Heartworm preventative. If dogs are Heartworm positive, they are started on the slow kill method. The vaccines our canine friends receive include Rabies, Distemper/Parvo Combination, and Bordatella. The vaccines our feline friends receive are Rabies and Distemper Combination.

ASoSC strives to provide the best care for our community animals that enter our shelter. We are excited to announce our in-house spay/neuter clinic was state approved October 2021. We have begun surgeries for shelter animals, our community programs such as community cats and Don’t Breed a Bully. We will update as we are able to begin spaying and neutering “owned” animals.